The meat industry accounts for nearly 60% of all greenhouse gases from food production. Food production in the United States represents 35% of all global emissions. In order to curb the environmental impact that the farming industry has, companies like Meatable have created lab-grown meat to be sustainable and cruelty-free





Project Type

Branding, Identity


Illustrator, Art Direction, Packaging, Research



While lab-grown meat uses an efficient, sustainable, and harm-free model, they are still an up-and-coming industry. Baby boomers make up more than half of all U.S. spending and control 70% of all disposable income. The problem to solve is making lab-cultivated meat appealing to the boomer demographic. The boomer demographic may not be aware of this meat alternative and lack a mental model to find this product appealing. 

Project Goal

The project deliverables were to create a sub-brand (Uncuts) steak, pork, and chicken packaging for Meatable, a lab cultivated meat producer to target the boomer consumer.  The Uncuts sub-brand would contain an original wordmark, while also referencing the product line’s existing branding. Packaging would include a fully designed piece (all panels- font, backs, sides) as well as a dieline. 


Based on this initial research of trends, I created branding that was influenced by Japanese minimalism and trends in alcohol packaging to use brushstroke art. I wanted to have an authoritative sophistication to the branding to appeal specifically to boomers. Boomers are an affluent generation who are tech-savvy. They know what a high-end product looks like and also are reading about products through online forums. 

The art style is expressive and sophisticated to complement the viewing window in the meat package.  The visual approach of this rebrand was to allow the normalcy of lab-grown meat to be demonstrated while also having the information easily accessed in a simple design. The branding of Meatable is kept with the animal iconography but in the uncuts style of brush strokes. The layout of the information is aligned for legibility and color is used to draw the eye around the copy. 


Illustrator, Photoshop, Procreate


The Meat Industry

In compiling research within the meat packaging industry, it was apparent that the boomer demographic appreciates straightforward imagery. Boomers want to know what their product looks like and also want to know that their choices are going to be ethical. Flowery language and artistic expression are secondary to factual information and a voice of authority.

I researched meat packaging trends within the industry. Current trends in the higher-end category show a more minimal packaging with a clear plastic showing the product. Additionally, there are sparse illustrations, copy that is direct and the color palette is limited. 


Target demographic


Market trends

Logo exploration

Packaging exploration


The Product

The black brush stroke is used to draw attention to the "Uncut," word mark and to label ribeye steaks. Yellow is used as an ornamental brush stroke on the front panel, as well as identifying key information such as the safe handling and also the copy, “We’re Pioneering the New Natural.”

The Uncut brand is in a similar tone to the Meatable brand. There are bold chunk graphics in a more expressive voice with brush strokes. The concept is showcasing expressive graphics while still honing in on the lab cultivated meat through transparent windows in the packaging, and multiple copy highlights of the product being lab cultivated.  

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