Wine doesn’t need to be pretentious and confusing. Through a mix of tarot card enchantment and bite-size bits of information, our wine club makes wine an enjoyable experience for all!





Project Type

Art Direction, Identity, Website, and App


9 weeks


Wine Subscription

Many people love wine but feel overwhelmed by all of the options. Shoppers often perceive wine culture as exclusive and lack the knowledge to enjoy the different varieties on the market. Our challenge was to create a service that demystifies wine purchasing in an approachable and fun manner.

Project Goal

Wine subscriptions can often be pretentious and unapproachable for new wine consumers. Our team created a subscription box that makes wine fun, accessible, and easy to understand. Our challenge was to appeal to the curious wine drinker with an entertaining wine personality quiz, attractive packaging, relevant marketing, and web assets to support the wine subscription box concept. .


To learn about trends in the market and how novice wine drinkers interact with the wine, we researched competitors and conducted qualitative interviews. We discovered the target demographic is interested in customization, pretty packaging (without excessive packaging), and the surprise of what is inside the box. The target audience also loves trying new wines but feels that too many options can be overwhelming. The current market provides little to no education about wine options and labels are inconsistent with information.

After analyzing our results, we focused on older GenZ and Millenials for our wine subscription service. We created a bespoke experience with a sassy tone of voice by developing wine tarot archetypes. The resulting brand was inviting, fun, and appealing to a curious wine drinker.

To make our brand more accessible, our wine comes in cans and can be purchased through a simple subscription model based on a user’s taste preferences. The tarot archetype indicates a wine personality for each user. For example, if the user takes our wine quiz and selects flavor notes and personality attributes of a Cabernet Sauvignon wine, then they are given, "The Hermit" persona and sent those wines each month.

My Role/Responsibilities

Illustrator, Art Direction, and Researcher


We conducted qualitative interviews with novice wine drinkers to see what they would be interested in with a wine subscription service.

Key takeaways:
— We found out that users are interested in customization.
— Pretty packaging is important but excessive packaging is a deal-breaker.
— Consumers love the surprise of what is inside the box and the target audience loves trying new wines.

We conducted a comparative analysis of wine subscription services.

Key takeaways:
— Personalization and customization are key.
— There is little to no education on wine choices, even with a quiz.
—  The options are overwhelming with no consistency in the label.



Qualitative Interviews


Market Analysis




North Star Statement

Mood Board

We spent a large majority of our project developing the look and feel of the brand. We wanted to create a feeling of playfulness to make wine more approachable for the novice wine drinker. Based on the tarot archetypes, we wanted to introduce a looser illustration style combines with optimistic colors.


We wanted a loose illustration style to showcase a whimsical approach to the tarot. The hand-drawn illustration style is a nod to the free-spirited nature of the branding. This is also to appeal to a younger GenZ millennial demographic.


Wine cans

The wine cans went through several different iterations. We initially started out wanting to do an astrology-based wine subscription service based on the user's astrological sign. We soon realized that would narrow down a user's selection of wine and also not necessarily be accurate to their particular taste. We pivoted to showcase the tarot archetypes in a new refreshing style.

How it works


Landing page, quiz to find out your wine archetype, and the app to rate the wines you've received in your subscription box.

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